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STUDIOPHONIX is a state of the art, professional recording and digital video production studio located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands just 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In business since 1996, we have an active client listing of over 100 satisfied customers.

Studiophonix is dedicated to providing the artist with a reasonably priced, professional recording. We all know that the music industry is very, very competitive. We want your recording to sound, look and challenge projects done in the meccas of the music industry like Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York without cost you an arm and a leg. To achieve this we offer you the following:

  • Digital and analog recording
  • Vintage outboard gear
  • Yamaha grand piano
  • Professional engineers
  • Console automation
  • Computer editing
  • Enhanced Cd's
  • Digital video production
  • Graphic art design
  • Sound effect and music library
  • Private country atmosphere

Recording, Editing and Mastering

Studiophonix uses the computer to record and edit tracts during your recording session, if necessary. We may use any or all of the following programs:

  • Pro Tools
  • Vegas Audio/Video
  • Sonic Dvdit

When mixdown is complete, then we use the computer to master your CD, with the additional programs:

  • Waves Native Power Pack
  • Sonic Foundry XFX 1,2, and 3
  • Sonic Foundry DeNoise
  • Wave Lab 4.0

Now your product has the edge it needs to succeed!