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Recording (Studio & Live)

It All Happens in the Studio

Studiophonix combines top of the line recording equipment, superb acoustics

and sophisticated engineering expertise in a relaxed, supportive and professional environment -- all without big-city rates.

Recording  Sessions or Live Gigs

You can take advantage of our acoustically-designed recording studio for your session, or let us capture the live sound of your church choir or gig with our

on-location recording equipment and engineering services.

Digital or Analog

Digital or Analog -- that is the question!  Studiophonix provides both: Analog tape or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) -- it’s your choice.


Studiophonix provides excellent hybrid analog/digital mastering of your music to bring the finishing touch to your recording and get it ready for airplay.

Session Microphones

Voices, instruments, drums all need special microphones. Studiophonix has the expertise to know which mic to use and how to use it for optimum recorded sound -- large diaphragm, small diaphragm, dynamic or condenser.

Studio microphones include:





Groove Tubes



Yamaha Grand Piano

If you’re a keyboard player, you’ll find the in-house Yamaha grand piano

(tuned before each session) just right.

Miscellaneous Equipment

We have all the miscellaneous equipment you could need -- headphones, cables, tuners, mic stands, and the occasional amp, capo or water bottle you forgot to bring.